3DEO achieves ISO 9001:2015 certification

3DEO achieves ISO 9001:2015 certification

3DEO achieves ISO 9001:2015 certification

May 19, 2020

The 3DEO team celebrates achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification

3DEO, Inc., a metal Additive Manufacturing technology company based in Los Angeles, California, USA, has received ISO 9001:2015 certification, which will enable it to further develop the commercialisation of its AM technology.

ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised standard for a quality management system (QMS). The certification allows companies to operate more effectively on several different levels, including the ability to focus on customer requirements, ensure consistent production and continuously improve all aspects of the production process.

3DEO explained that the overall process of ISO 9001 certification has taken the company just three months, whereas the normal implementation time is six to twelve months. The company was able to achieve implementation within this timeframe because its factory and its systems were designed and built with process control and quality production methodology as a requirement.

“The ISO 9001 certification is a terrific milestone for 3DEO,” commented Matt Petros, 3DEO’s CEO. “A strong quality management system is the backbone of any world-class production line. The ISO certification marks an important step in realising 3DEO’s long-term vision of leveraging next-generation technologies to build the world’s highest quality, data-driven factory of the future. In the previous generation of manufacturing, spot checks and random sampling were best of class.”

Petros continued, “3DEO is building a dynamic production line with real-time streaming data that allows ongoing monitoring and end-to-end closed-loop feedback. For 3DEO, ISO is the starting point of what we expect to become the next generation of manufacturing.”

Marty McGough, COO at 3DEO, stated, “We were very excited to implement ISO 9001 and achieve this world-class certification. Our starting point was a controlled process that provided us a stable base to work from. The certification has been very helpful in further accelerating our continuous improvement program throughout the entire organisation. We’re looking forward to continuing our work in this area and excelling at our ISO and industry specific certification requirements in the coming years.”

3DEO取得ISO 9001:2015认证

3DEO团队庆祝获得ISO 9001:2015认证

位于美国加利福尼亚州洛杉矶的金属增材制造技术公司3DEO,Inc.已获得ISO 9001:2015认证,这将使其能够进一步开发其增材制造技术的商业化。

ISO 9001是质量管理体系(QMS)的国际认可标准。该认证使公司可以在多个不同级别上更有效地运营,包括专注于客户需求,确保一致的生产并不断改善生产过程的各个方面的能力。

3DEO解释说,ISO 9001认证的整个过程仅花费了公司三个月的时间,而正常的实施时间是六到十二个月。该公司之所以能够在此时间内实现,是因为其工厂和系统是根据流程控制和高质量生产方法来设计和建造的。

3DEO首席执行官Matt Petros表示:“ ISO 9001认证对于3DEO是一个了不起的里程碑。强大的质量管理体系是任何世界一流生产线的骨干。 ISO认证标志着实现3DEO利用下一代技术建立世界上最高质量,未来数据驱动工厂的长期愿景的重要一步。在上一代制造业中,抽查和随机抽样是最好的。”

Petros继续说道:“ 3DEO正在使用实时流数据构建一条动态生产线,从而可以进行持续监控和端到端的闭环反馈。对于3DEO而言,ISO是我们期望成为下一代制造技术的起点。”

3DEO的首席运营官Marty McGough表示:“我们为实施ISO 9001并获得这一世界级认证感到非常兴奋。我们的出发点是一个受控的过程,为我们提供了一个稳定的工作基础。该认证对于进一步加快我们整个组织的持续改进计划非常有帮助。我们期待着在这一领域继续我们的工作,并在未来几年中超越我们的ISO和特定于行业的认证要求。”

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