Equity Bank receives double International Standards Certification

Equity Bank Kenya Limited has received two International Standards Certifications – ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 on IT Service and Information Security Management Systems respectively, cementing its commitment to prioritising customer safety and satisfaction.
The two certifications were issued by the British Standards Institution (BSI).

ISO 20000 shows that the Bank’s service management system is robust enough in the delivery of all IT-related services and is also aligned with its current and future needs.

Similarly, the ISO 27001 certification offers assurance to customers that the bank is implementing end-to-end information security controls to protect, the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all customer information.

In his remarks on receiving the two certifications, Equity Group Managing Director and CEO Dr. James Mwangi noted that the recognition was a testament to the Bank’s significant investment in data analytics and cyber-security capabilities to better meet its evolving customer needs and expectations and to reduce the potential for data breaches.
“Being fully aware of the risk and impact involved in data information management, it is our commitment to actively continue engaging our stakeholders to ensure that there is appropriate governance in place.

It warrants us to be increasingly aware of our roles and responsibilities in information security and actively play our part in ensuring that the appropriate processes are followed to realize effective information technology metrics.

The evolution in regulation appropriately balances the value of giving customers control of their data, with our duty to protect customer privacy and security,” said Dr. Mwangi.

Other goals for ISO 20000 on service management include protecting revenue flow into the business by providing stable IT services, meeting the Bank’s obligations to stakeholders, including its customers, regulators, shareholders and suppliers, and lastly making IT a business enabler.

While ensuring the Bank has better defined and better-aligned services, increased visibility and control, the service management system also provides a structured framework for setting IT service management objectives, processes, and outlines responsibilities for key stakeholders.

Aligned with the service management, the information security certification ISO 27001 also protects revenue flow into the business and prevents confidential information from falling into the wrong hands. The pathway to this achievement is contained in a structured framework for setting the bank’s information security objectives as provided in the standard.

肯尼亚权益银行有限公司已获得两项国际标准认证,分别是关于IT服务和信息安全管理系统的ISO 20000和ISO 27001,从而巩固了其优先考虑客户安全和满意度的承诺。
ISO 20000表明,银行的服务管理系统在提供所有IT相关服务方面足够强大,并且符合其当前和未来的需求。
同样,ISO 27001认证向客户保证,银行正在实施端到端信息安全控制,以保护所有客户信息的机密性、完整性和可用性。
Equity Group董事总经理兼首席执行官James Mwangi博士在接受这两项认证时指出,这一认可证明了银行在数据分析和网络安全能力方面的重大投资,以更好地满足不断变化的客户需求和期望,并降低数据泄露的可能性。
ISO 20000关于服务管理的其他目标包括通过提供稳定的IT服务来保护流入业务的收入,满足银行对利益相关者(包括其客户、监管机构、股东和供应商)的义务,最后使其成为业务推动者。
与服务管理相一致,信息安全认证ISO 27001还可以保护流入业务的收入,防止机密信息落入坏人之手。实现这一目标的途径包含在一个结构化框架中,该框架用于按照标准的规定设定银行的信息安全目标。

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